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Save the planet. Fight the climate crisis by planting trees.

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Plant a Forest or a few trees.
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The Easiest Way To Plant Trees Online

Tree Planting Basics

  1. Select the amount of trees you want planted
  2. We work with planting-partners in locations around the globe that need your support
  3. Planting-partners are the boots on the ground, planting Treepool trees, thickets, groves and forests
  4. You are updated with information about your trees, on Treepool.org and via email
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Participate And Help The Environment

Direct Tree Purchase

Impact the environment by directly funding the planting of trees.

Web Forest Beta

Plant a forest in real life by using your web browser.

ECO System Alpha

Download ECO app and volunteer spare computer power to planting trees.

About Treepool

Treepool's mission is to bring lasting support to the biosphere, one tree at a time.

We believe in the power of individuals as part of a global community. Together, we can make the impact necessary to fight the climate crisis.

Our forests are valuable and trees are important ecological assets that we must invest in. Our suite of products harness minimal effort and turn it into maximum impact all through the simple act of planting trees.

To solve the global climate crisis we must work together. Everyone needs to account for their personal impact, and at Treepool we can help you do that.

Join us and help restore healthy forest systems and a better future for everyone!

Be on the right side of history.


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