About Us

Why plant trees?

Trees sequester carbon dioxide (CO2) from our air, which cools the earth. The amount of carbon forests hold is approximately three times as large as the pool of carbon in the atmosphere. As forests are cut, burned, or eliminated, the captured carbon goes into the atmosphere as CO2. Even though trees are essential to life as we know it, humans have cut down half of all the trees on the planet so far. Every year we cut down over 65,000 square miles of forest worldwide for paper, agriculture, building materials and fuel. That’s an area a little smaller than the state of Florida. Every year four to five billion tons of carbon are added to the atmoshere. Deforestation accounts for 25 to 30 percent of the carbon added yearly. That is why we plant trees and focus on reforestation and planting projects.

Where are the trees planted?

We’re currently focused on planting in Madagascar and Mozambique with our amazing tree planting partner Eden Reforestation Projects. We will be expanding our network and locations in the coming months. Look for updated details, pictures and GPS planting site coordinates.

Help us grow

We are learning and growing from this initial test version of the Treepool platform. The more trees participants plant, the more we grow the platform and the Biosphere.


How do you plant a trillion trees? One tree at a time.